Financial information

Access all of BRF’s financial information.

Learn about the reports that we prepare

  • Annual reports
    Download and view our annual reports.
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  • CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) Files
    Download presentations, minutes, communiqués, forms, releases and other CVM files.
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  • SEC Files
    Faça o Download our major SEC files.
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  • Indebtedness and ratings
    Access the Company’s profile and debt securities.
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  • Investments
    In all of its investments, BRF ensures that its partners develop business processes that are sensitive to human rights concerns, including evidence of child labor or inhuman work conditions. In the feasibility analysis of investment projects, the environmental impact is also considered for the purpose of seeking more efficient technologies from an environmental perspective.
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  • Company fundamentals and spreadsheets
    Data concerning the Company‘s major financial and operational indicators may be found in our fundamentals.
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  • Risk management
    Developed in a participatory manner, involving all areas of the Company, our risk management policy is administered by a specialized office, which is responsible for making the entire Company aware of the spectrum of risk factors, in order to arrive at an understanding of the magnitude of these factors and the cost of mitigating them.
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