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  • Corporate profile
    BRF S.A. is one of the largest producers of fresh and frozen protein foods in the world, with a portfolio of over five thousand stock keeping units ("SKUs"). Our processed products include marinated and frozen chicken, Chester® rooster and turkey meat, specialty meats, frozen processed foods, frozen prepared entrees, portioned products and sliced products. We also sell margarine, sweet specialties, sandwiches, mayonnaise, and animal feed. We are the holder of brands such as Sadia, Perdigão, Qualy, Perdix, Paty, Bocatti, Vienissima, Dánica, Confidence, Speedy Polo and Hilal. In December 2016, BRF was responsible for 16.3% of the world trade in poultry.
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  • History
    BRF S.A., a publicly-traded company since 1980, is subject to the requirements of the Corporations Law and the rules and regulations of the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission (CVM). Both companies that comprised BRF (Perdigão and Sadia) were family businesses that grew and expanded, becoming major players in the food market in Brazil and, later, abroad, with products reaching more than 150 countries.
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  • Strategy and Competitive Advantages
    Owner of strong brands, recognized by the public at large, and the standard of quality in Brazil and the world, BRF moves forward to be recognized as a leader in the food segment in the brazilian and international markets.
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  • Corporate Structure
    Learn about BRF´s corporate structure and its organizational chart.
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  • Glossary
    Get to know the terms used on this investor relations website.
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  • Legal notes
    The BRF investor relations website contains foward-looking statements, which are subject to risks and uncertainties, because they were based on the beliefs and premises of the administration and on the information available. Prospective declarations include statements concerning intentions, beliefs or the current expectations of the Company or the administration.
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  • Privacy policy
    BRF´s Privacy Policy was created to reaffirm its commitment to the safety and privacy of information collected from the users of BRF´s interactive services. You may visit this website and get acquainted with the services the Company offers, read reports, obtain news and information without having to provide any personal information.
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